Mara Gulens
January 17

Homework sites to help save the day
The Toronto Star

You've gotten through the first week of school. Now dig into the Internet to get the brain whirring even faster.

Surf to your school

Find your school and link to its website.


700 sites

BJ's list includes 700 sites that will point you in whatever direction required. A Greek language course? Stuff to do at recess? You can also e-mail BJ questions.


School smorgasbord

This site is "about" everything, full of information, from literary quotations to geology to inventors, to finding a job. A great place to go for help on your school work, and ways to do it better. Start with "5 Tips for Your First Week of School."


Library help

Search for and reserve the books you want to read. Also use the Toronto Public Library's site to listen to a story, read virtual books (and flip pages) and get homework help (including links to more information).


Canadian encyclopaedia

The Youth Encyclopaedia of Canada has an A-Z on every fact you could ever ask. The best thing of all is that it's 100 per cent Canadian.


Internet library

Come on in! Close your eyes and find all the answers at the Internet Public Library.


Find your Romeo

Shakespeare is online, too! If you're wondering whether "to be or not to be" doing your homework, head here.


Schoolwork help

This list of homework helpers is compiled by librarians. Who could give you better advice on what's worth reading? You could spend hours researching on this site. For instance, you might start with fossils and end up doing celebrity research.


Fungi fun and more

This site has thousands of articles, a dictionary, atlases and quizzes. Interested in algae and fungi? Well, green algae alone has 6000 to 7000 species.

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