Mara Gulens
September 25

Mara Gulens is an editor and writer based in Toronto (Canada).
Currently Mara is Director, Publications/Editor-in-Chief of CMA magazine
Previous positions include editor/project manager of the Canadian Community for Windows Help and How-to, where Mara helped demystify technology for Canadian seniors.
At Microsoft Home Magazine, Mara produced daily content aimed at making technology easier to understand for women. Previous to that Mara was editor-in-chief of Canada Computes, a family of technology publications with editions across the country.
Mara’s award-winning, a bilingual Latvian/English news site, was recognized with three awards, including one from Latvia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mara creates consumer, trade and corporate content for a variety of clients. 
Her articles have been published in Canada, Egypt, Latvia, the UK and the USA for publications including Backbone, Chatelaine, The Globe and Mail, The Medical Post and The National Post.
Mara's columns have appeared in Marketnews, the Toronto Star and Today’s Parent. 

Mara’s television experience includes guest spots as “Tech Mom” on G4 Tech TV's Call for Help, two seasons hosting Sveiks on Rogers' OMNI television, and a lead spot for Tomorrow, Today, which aired on CFTO. 

Education and other:
Mara has an MA in Baltic languages from Stockholm University, and an Honours BA in English and Art History from the University of Toronto.

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