About this blog

This blog – a blog – has been on my mind for years. Now, after a literal hit to the head, I’m finally going live.

I’ve been off work for almost 16 weeks. Once I get back (fingers crossed that’ll be soon!) my daily tempo will amp up. I also expect that being back in the office will be significantly more exhausting than work conditioning, which is exhausting enough. Getting to this blog could get tricky.

That said, I hope to publish more of the concussion/brain injury recovery stories I’ve written over the past few weeks before I get back to work. Or at least before I get back to full-time. I also think the meaning of all of this, not to mention the observations, might be a bit different when I’m back to normal.

I’m not back to normal yet.

As a dear friend – my blog goddess – has told me several times, the hardest part of blogging is actually starting.

So here we go, September 6, 2017, the second day of school. Go live, blog! And may the gods of creativity, persistence and everything else help keep me going.

Or if not, shucks, I’ll have to do it myself. Just like virtually every other part of this journey. It’s been a lot of hard work.

Please check in for more over the next few days and weeks.