11/ We are what we eat

Kylie James is talking nutrition and the brain. Twenty per cent of the calories we consume go to the brain. Sixty per cent of the brain is made up of fat. The largest amount of vitamin C is used by the brain.

“Sugar is as addictive as cocaine,” says the nutrition expert. High doses are toxic. There’s a reason Alzheimer’s is now called Type 3 diabetes!

“Get rid of sugar!” she warns.

Boil, steam, poach, stew. Balance your blood sugars. Watch out for the stress hormone cortisol. It causes muscle and bone to break down.

How many times do I have to listen to a nutrition talk before I get it?! I write in my notes.

“There are so many neuro-endings in the stomach,” says James. That’s why they call your stomach the second brain.

Ah, flashback! Right after my failed return to work, I got C-difficile and both my brains were injured. My gut helped me heal my brain by not letting me go back to work, I write in my notes.

James is an occupational therapist who specializes in nutrition solutions for the rehabilitation of brain injury, spinal cord injury, mental health, autism and ADHD. She gives us her pay-attention-to list:
1) Break down food in your mouth.
2) Don’t drink liquids when you eat.
3) Eat when you’re relaxed.
4) Eat mindfully.
5) Take a probiotic supplement or eat fermented foods.
6) Eat smaller portions and more frequently to help digestion.
7) Drink lots of water with a bit of lemon.

Brain starting to get really tired, I write in my notes.

Protect the blood-brain barrier or get chronic fatigue. (Me again!) Vitamins A, C, E! Blueberries. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

My notes get fuzzy. The page is full of square brackets with notes to myself.

Not just lack of info on BI (brain injury), but brain, I’ve written.

“Eat the rainbow,” says Kylie.

A doctor in the house points to the need for a balance between a holistic and medical approach.

“Meditation, diet, fitness: that’s what you need!” shouts someone from the back.

Boo lights, too loud, too fast and too early in the morning, I’ve written.

I’m done.

But I did it. I attended my first conference.

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