7/ When in doubt, yin

On Friday, I make it to a slow yin yoga class. And nothing else.

I skip choir (even though it’s good for the brain). I don’t go for a walk (although it’s a cornerstone of a good day). I don’t meditate.

I never really realized that not only was I doing a lot, but my brain was working frenetically, I write in my journal. Conferences are so complicated and difficult. I used to thrive. That was my racehorse! Will I ride again? How will I live my life?

The high of having done the conference begins to fade. Doubt creeps in.

I’ve been planning a digital detox forever, and I finally do it during the weekend after the conference. I go offline completely.

I have a splitting headache, but I don’t have enough energy to care for myself.


Photo snapped during a rejuvenating #farmtherapy retreat at Headwaters Farm.
Thank you, Tony and Linda!



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